Setting new standards in commercial heat treatment

Sealed Quench upgrades - furnace control at the highest level ( 2010-11-05 )

HTA has recently installed a cutting edge furnace control system for its case hardening sealed quench furnaces in Brisbane. This continues HTA’s goal to provide the very best quality controls and quality systems to its customers. The SCR system was been developed in Switzerland and is already used by the likes of Peugeot. The system controls all process parameters during the heat treatment cycle, records and delivers reports for each and every load and has predetermined load recipes for each of our standard processes ensuring repeatability of process. This enhanced repeatability ensures minimal rework levels, consistency in case depth, hardness and dimensional stability. The system controls such parameters as oil quench speed and temperature, additional gas input, millivolt probe reading to control furnace carbon potential and furnace temperature. Unlimited combinations, temperatures and carbon potentials can be used to create the best process for the parts being treated. The number of individual recipes is also limitless which means we can create part and customer specific recipes as required. If you would like a demonstration of the system or require more information please contact one of our experienced heat treatment supervisor’s in Brisbane for further details.