Setting new standards in commercial heat treatment

Regular High Speed Runs Return to HTA ( 2010-11-05 )

Heat Treatment Australia is now treating high speed steels in its new state of the art high pressure vacuum furnace. Loads up to 400 kg can be hardened and tempered in vacuum to give a clean and bright finish. HTA have committed processing equipment to regularly run high speed steel to ensure timely turnarounds for all customers.

M2,S600, Vanadis and other grades of high speed are currently being treated with Rockwell hardness values exceeding 65 RC. HTA uses nitrogen gas (at 5 Bar positive pressure) to quench the parts rapidly, with hardening temperatures at high as 1200 degrees Celsius down to ambient temperatures within 30 mins. Further tempering processes, usually three, at around 560 degrees Celsius ensure the parts are the correct hardness. Please contact the Brisbane on 07 3345 4944 or for more details.