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Increase in Energy Offset Charge ( 2010-11-05 )

Of recent times, as we are all aware , price rises by energy supply companies in both the gas and electricity have been passed on to the consumer across all walks of society from industry to private homes. These rises are largely due to Gas and Electricity companies having to invest massively in infrastructure and government targets for green energy use.

The last round of increases provided to the manufacturing industry has reluctantly led HTA to review its energy offset / surcharge policy.

Up to this point, HTA has managed to absorb the increases from our energy suppliers, approximately 24% over the last 2 years, but unfortunately we were unable to absorb all of the increased charges.

From the November 1st 2010, HTA will increase the energy offset charge from 3% to 6%.

We appreciate that it is a difficult manufacturing and price pressure environment we all now operate in, so please feel free to discuss options of economizing batch sizes with our Management team.